Thomas Saujet, Co-Founder, International Cosmetics & Perfumes


Thomas Saujet

Thomas Saujet serves as Co-Founder of International Cosmetics & Perfumes, Inc. (ICP), a leading industry boutique firm for top brand and talent that markets and distributes luxury products for discerning clients in the Americas. In his leadership role, he oversees sales, marketing, operations, education, and creative support for the company’s prestigious brands: The House of Creed, Akro, Domaine Prive Parfums, Floris and Mizensir.


With more than twenty years of experience in the world of beauty, Thomas, in partnership with his brother Emmanuel, has propelled the company’s success through dynamic sales strategies, unique distribution alliances and new brand development within the ICP portfolio.


An executive and creative hybrid, Thomas helped launch the undiscovered Hanae Mori fragrance in the Americas brand in 1997. In addition to developing the sales approach and managing day-to-day operations in the company’s infancy, Thomas drove the company’s growth through exclusive retail partnerships and ultimately, garnered brand awareness among loyal clients.


Harnessing an innate ability to sell fragrances to both retailers and customers alike, Thomas has made ICP one of the most sought after distribution partners in the industry. Following the success of Hanae Mori fragrances, he and his brother strategically drove market share for The House of Creed making it one of the top beauty brands across all categories at Neiman Marcus. Thomas and Emmanuel have since expanded distribution by adding additional brands in the portfolio, positioning the firm for future growth.


Leading with sensitivity, a differentiator of ICP, combined with his ability to motivate and connect with his teams, allows Thomas to mobilize the sales force while fostering a unique culture of loyalty and compassion. As one of the youngest corporate presidents in the beauty industry, his time in-store is paramount, even as the business grows. He believes spending time on the sales floor is equally important as the office and can uncover key lessons that have proven invaluable to ICP’s evolution.


Still a privately held company today, ICP continues to make an indelible mark on the industry, typically fueled by beauty giants. ICP employs dedicated professionals committed to purveying goods of superior quality and integrity in the luxury retail environment.


Thomas, along with his brother, has been heralded by TIME Magazine as one of its “People to Watch in International Business” and has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily. He resides in New York and currently sits on the Tufts University Advisory Board for Arts & Science, where he received his undergraduate degree.