The House of Creed

Aventus, Love In White, Silver Mountain Water, Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Impérial, Aventus For Her, and Aventus Cologne bottles on plexiglass platforms.

The Creed Classics


Based in Paris, The House of Creed is a luxury fragrance company founded in 1760 and spanning seven generations, serving royal houses and the discerning public for over 250 years. Today the firm is guided by the unerring Olivier Creed, sixth in his family line to head The House of Creed and creator of its most popular scents. His son, Erwin, seventh-generation has already contributed substantially to the art of Creed. ICP is the exclusive marketer and distributor in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico of fragrances created by The House of Creed, the royal and coveted fragrance house based in Paris. Follow The House of Creed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Akro Fragrances



Founded by renowned Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp, his forward-thinking daughter Anais Cresp, and her partner in life, Jack Miskelly, Akro pushes fragrance beyond established norms. Sex. Cigarettes. Weed. Alcohol. Chocolate. Caffeine. These six, irresistible addictions are the inspiration behind Akro, a fresh and innovative fragrance brand whose raison d’etre is to capture the essence of everyday vices. Akro is original. Always intriguing, sometimes polarizing, never predictable.

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Mizensir Fragrances


Mizensir was founded in 1999 in Geneva by award-winning Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. Motivated by a desire to create a company rooted in revered artisanal traditions and exquisite craftsmanship, Morillas and his wife Claudine began the venture with a collection of scented candles. In 2015, Alberto and his daughter Veronique introduced a line of refined fragrances infused with Morillas’ favorite ingredients. Thoughtfully crafted, Mizensir fragrances are designed to represent the mise-en-scène – the setting where extraordinary drama unfolds. Each sophisticated blend tells a unique story, stirs the emotions and delivers an olfactory experience of perfume excellence that’s impossible to forget.

Domaine Privé

Domaine Prive Fragrances


From behind the Domaine Privé gate, industry fragrance curator, veteran and ICP parent company chairman Claude Saujet invites you to experience fragrances inspired by nature’s finest ingredients, a collection of six refined singular focused scents. Domaine Privé is the result of many years of experience in the world of perfumery combined with the French way of life. Made in Grasse with the finest French perfumery techniques, all of Domaine Privé’s fragrances are certified paraben and GMO-free, sulfate-free and color preservative-free.